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A Memorial To Those Who Tweet Before They Think

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Scott Bartosiewicz (@scottbarto)

The greatest risk of tweeting for hire is that you will make your boss look bad. When your “boss” is a major global corporation and you cross that line, kiss your job goodbye.

Social media consultant Scott Bartosiewicz lost his job over an errant, foul-mouthed tweet in the name of his client, Chrysler (@ChryslerAutos). Bartosiewicz meant to send his sarcastic jab at Detroit drivers to the few dozen people who follow his personal Twitter account but instead sent it to the thousands who follow the automaker.

Bartosiewicz’s tweet also had consequences for his employer, New Media Strategies (@NMSosphere). Chrysler dumped NMS as its social media consultancy.

Bartosiewicz, who quipped about the controversy after a media writer defended him, explained how his tweet went awry in an interview with the ABC affiliate in Detroit:

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